My Manchester: Fashion Blogger Onyi Moss on her Favourite Hidden Gems

“Above all, I love this city because of how genuinely nice and welcoming the people are”

  • With a tribe of 150,000 followers on Instagram and a book on the way, Onyi Moss shines a new light on the hidden beauty found in everyday experiences in Manchester
  • The Manchurian fashion blogger shares her secrets for feeling at home in the city
  • Heaton Park makes the cut as her favourite open space in the city
© Mossonyi

Onyi Moss is a self taught photographer based in Manchester, where she’s lived since 2012. Originally from Nigeria, she moved to the UK to advance her career as a chartered accountant, but later discovered a deep passion for photography that eventually led to the creation of her blog She now runs her blog alongside her husband Craig; together they’ve created a unique fashion, lifestyle and travel site which captures Onyi’s timeless style.

“I moved from Birmingham to Manchester in April of 2012,” she tells ARK in an exclusive interview on her favourite places in the city. “I love Manchester because of how genuinely nice and welcoming the people are. It’s special for me because I’ve had quite a few firsts here, which have been life changing.”

“For any newcomers to the area and to feel at home here, my top tip would be to venture away from the main streets and properly explore the city in order to find the places you connect with. Manchester is very eclectic and there’s something for everyone, but the only way to find your tribe is by discovering places for yourself.”

“Manchester has a lot of history. It’s very easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the city centre when surrounding areas hold just as much excitement. I’ve been transported to different times and locations, if you will, by discovering these hidden treasures. The more I discover, the more it encourages me to carry on with my exploration of what this city has to offer. After all, it is the second largest city in the UK just behind London.”

To get you started, Onyi has shared some of her hidden gems with ARK – places that have a special spot in her heart.

© Mossonyi

Favourite place to shop:

I don’t have a favourite store per say, but I love Affleck Palace in Manchester’s Northern Quarter as it’s full of indepent vintage stores that I continue to shop from. It’s described as an emporium of eclecticism.

Local hangout:

I live around the city centre. My favourite spot to hang out near there is Ordsall Hall. The Garden is lovely and they serve nice homemade cake.

Favourite spot for a cocktail:

Grand Pacific.

© Grand Pacific

Favourite open space:

I absolutely love Heaton Park.

Favourite coffee shop:

Pot Kettle Black. It’s cute Antipodean style, with a cafe in Barton Arcade between Deansgate and St Anns Square in an old Victorian building, and another in Spinningfields.

Favourite place to spend a lazy Sunday:

The Museum of Science and Industry. It charts 250 years of discoveries and inventions that begun in Manchester, and is a really good way to understand how important the city has been since the Industrial Revolution. They have certain days when it’s free to enter.

© Peter Street Kitchen

Go to lunch spot:

Peter Street Kitchen – they do great Mexican and Japanese food.

Most underrated part of the city:

Oxford road area is lovely for wandering around.

Favourite local hidden treasures:

I really love Manchester Transport Museum, and also Chorlton Water Park. Wythenshawe Park is another great spot, which I wrote about recently on my blog here.

© Mossonyi – Wythenshawe Park

If you’re interested in telling us about your favourite spots in the city, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us an email on

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